Easy Home Decoration

To add a romantic touch to your garden or apartment terrace, think about sheers. When they are designed in light and rather natural tones, they protect you while blending perfectly with the environment. It is best to use linen for the touch of elegance!

You can also opt for color (raspberry, saffron, khaki) because sheers have a huge advantage: they open and close at will in addition to being very easy to change.

Combining iron and slate adds a modern touch to the garden in addition to being playful. A a slate pan could be reserved for children’s drawings. I like the idea of ​​mixing materials for a bit of originality without erasing the charm of the garden. Also think about wood/slate or wood/gabion mixtures.

On the other hand, if you want to hide from your neighbors but not the sun, opt for a palisade system with reclining slats of wood or iron. In addition to being practical, this solution will also be aesthetic and in tune with the times. A double reason to set your sights on this option!