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WOW, This Martial Arts Guy Is Insanely Good In This Weapons Competition!

If you’ve never heard the term Bo Staff, don’t worry as me neither and that is a lot to say as I’ve been a practitioner and fan of martial arts since I was a child. Although I need to admit that I might actually hear that term in the past here and there, I wasn’t sure exactly what type of weapon it was referring to. In the video I’m about to show you, you’ll be able to appreciate a real mastery of this specific martial art. Well, it’s not really a martial art as bō (棒: ぼう)) is just a Japanese word translated to English as staff (and it’s around 6 feet long).

I’ve seen many videos with people doing crazy martial arts stuff with staffs (haha), but this guy – Jackson Rudolph really has something interesting on him and I enjoyed his video a lot. The way he performs his fighting sets is just a radiation of energy – certainly not boring – and what I especially like is that you can see the love he has for that martial art. He belongs to one of the best and I’m not surprised at all even though I haven’t really study this area. I watched a couple of other guys in this competition but I need to say that he became my favorite one.